Founding Principals of Church of Technology

When founding our church the founding fathers were given principals from the almighty to guide them in the Church.

On the fifth day of ascendancy the almighty spoke to Rev. Pete and Rev. Mark and gave them these commandments, Rev. Pete then inscribed these commandments on stone tablets.

These commandments were :-

– Thou shalt respect holy days and festivals of all other religions and belief systems

– Thou shalt not be required to attend any building to follow this religion

– Thou must not partake any work activities on days of significance

– Everyone shall be welcome in your Church

– I shall cast down anyone who cajoles or forces anyone in any way to be a part of your church

– Thou shalt own at least one Apple product

We follow these principals to this day, we make no judgements on people, all are welcome and our church is one of the few that does not impose its morality on people of their lives.